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Home Shifting Services

A home shifting service is a platform that enables people to move their belongings with relative ease and little expense. The most common services are long-distance moving companies, but many individuals hire a truck to help them move themselves or their homes. The idea of a home-shifting service originated from the idea of movers. Moving is one of the least effective ways to accomplish any task. To make the daunting task more manageable, relocation companies started offering some insurance for homeowners or renters who did not have any unforeseen costs after they moved houses. The insurance covered both the cost of packing up and shipping and moving, among other things.

Packing and Moving Services Company

As an established and reliable packing and moving services company, we are the best choice for helping people move. Our services range from moving customers from one house to another in the same neighborhood, working with international customers who are looking for overseas relocation advice and assistance, assisting customers who are downsizing their current property, relocating business offices following a merger or acquisition, and finally preparing homes that have been empty for some time for new owners. We work hard to develop a tailored service with each customer, tailoring an efficient service that can be completed quickly.

Mahadev Trans Logistic is a third-party logistics provider founded in 2007. It was established with a vision of providing cost-effective and reliable service to its customers throughout the country. With its offerings, MTL has expanded to become one of the leading logistics companies in India that offers round-the-clock service. They have emerged as one of Asia’s fastest-growing services providers with their efforts and dedication.

House shifting price list 1 BHK

Home Shifting From
To Transport Charges
Home Shifting from Bangalore Chennai Rs 15,000 – 20,000/
Home Shifting from Bangalore
Hyderabad Rs 20,000 – 25,000/
Home Shifting from Bangalore
pune Rs 18,000 – 22,000/
Home Shifting from Bangalore
Mumbai Rs 20,000 – 25,000/
Home Shifting from Bangalore
Vadodara Gujarat Rs 22,000 – 26,000/
Home Shifting from Bangalore
Ahmedabad Gujarat  Rs 24,000 – 28,000/

Local home shifting 1bhk 2bhk 3bhk price list

Transport Charges
5000/ 8000/ 12,000/ 15000/

Home shifting price list 1bhk 2bhk 3bhk

Home Shifting FromToTransport Charges
Home Shifting from BangaloreNagpurRs 19,000/ 25,000/ 27000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreBhopal Madhya PradeshRs 20,000/ 22000/28000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreIndore MadhyaRs 18000/ 20,000/ 25000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreJaipur RajasthanRs 22000/25000/30,000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreUdaipur RajasthanRs 24000/27000/32000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreLucknowRs 25000/28000/35000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreKolkataRs 28000/35000/38000/
Home Shifting from BangalorePatna BiharRs 22000/25000/32000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreKanpurRs 22000/24000/30,000/
Home Shifting from BangaloregurgaonRs 25000/30,000/35000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreDelhiRs 28000/32000/38000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreChandigarhRs 32000/35000/40,000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreSiliguri West BengalRs 28000/30,000/35000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreGuwahati AssamRs 35000/40,000/45000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreDimapurRs 38000/42000/48000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreImphal ManipurRs 45000/48000/52000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreRanchiRs 19000/22000/28000/
Home Shifting from BangaloreBhuneshwarRs 22000/25000/30000/


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